Employee Screening Pre Employment

hr_buttons1This is an area where the risks of not screening appropriately does hit the headlines from time to time. Let us share with you our approach and pricing.

Why Screen your employees?

Your employees are your most important asset. They also present the biggest risk to your reputation. Employment screening is critical to corporate risk management and effective staff recruitment. Background checks are good business practice and in many industries it is obligatory.

Our screening package is for Jersey, Guernsey or UK residents (subject to our general terms and conditions) and includes:-

Credit Enquiry, Basic Criminal Disclosure, 5 year Employment Verification (Maximum of 3 employers) , Education/Qualification Verification

Additional fees charged for bespoke services such as:- further criminal checks, reference interviews, single employment verification, credential verification, DVLA report, right to work documentation, public safety verification.

For a comprehensive outline of this service and pricing please register here